Local Business

Local Utilities

Morris Broadband (888)855-9036
U-Verse Service (855)535-0250


Natural Gas
Dominion Energy 1-(877) 776-2427


Duke Power (828)697-3400


City Water
Water Dept. (828)697-3052

Board of Directors
Title Name Duties
President Bob Vicars

Community Relations, Website, Ex Official Member of all Committees

Vice President


Insurance (Amenities & Board), Contracts, Documents Committee, Garden Gang, Nominating Committee

Treasurer Larry Tillotson

Landscaping, Amenities (Clubhouse Complex, Game Room, Pool, Spa) Fire Inspections, Pool Permits

Secretary Cindy Causey

Newsletter Committee, Chair Vote Tallying. Clubhouse Event Scheduling, Housing for Older People (HOPA), Website

Director Debra Gaddy

Coordinates with Bookkeeper, Long Range Planning, Liaison-Social Events, Welcome Committee, Wi Fi access, Pool passes for Home Caretakers

Secretary Cindy Causey

Newsletter Committee, Chair Vote Tallying. Clubhouse Event Scheduling, Housing for Older People (HOPA), Website

Director Chris Taylor

Site Improvement. Architectural Standard, Real Estate Liaison, Back-up to Amenities

Director Jim Reich

Community Relations, RV Area, Long Range Planning, Newsletter

Past President Judy Miller

Real Estate Liaison, WiFi


Contact List
Title Name
Bookkeeper Ann Shepard
Clubhouse Cleaner Gail Johnson
Flag Hoisters Bob Wehmer and Mario Rehbein
Garden Gang Kathleen Toth
Liberian Connie Rehbein and Mario Rehbein
Newsletter Editor Regina Hutchison
Phone/Email Directory/Calendar/Data Base Collette Mak
Social Event Group Char Knudson and Fran Newby


Helpful Numbers and Sites
Title Name
All emergencies 911
Essential Community Services 211
Animal control (828) 697-4911
Call before Digging (800) 632-4949 www.nc811.org
Carolina Poison Control Center (800) 222-1222
Council on Aging (828) 692-4203
Dominion Energy (Natural Gas (877) 776-2427
Duke Power Report power outage (800) 769-3766
Duke Power 24-hour customer service (800) 777-9898
Henderson County Sheriff (non-emergencies) (828) 697-4911
Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce (828) 692-1413
Hendersonville Water Department (828) 697-3052
Hendersonville Water Department After-hour emergencies (828) 891-7779
NC Corona Virus Information Hotline (866) 462-3821
NC Covid 19 Hub nc.gov/covid19
NC Highway Patrol (828) 466-5599


Community Activities and Contact Person
Title Name
BINGO 2nd and 4th Monday, 7PM Ralph Martino
Book Club 1st Tuesday 1PM-4PM Carol Bachmeye
Round Robin Book Club 3rd Tuesday 1PM-3PM  
Hand and Foot Thursday 1PM-4PM Kathleen Toth
Mixed Poker Thursday 5:30PM-8:30PM Ralph Martino
SCAT 2nd and 4th Saturday 6PM-9PM Lois Sneed
CRAFTERS Friday, 1PM-4PM Carol Davidson
DOMINOES Mexican Train Tuesday Fran Deric
Exercise Tuesday and Thursday, 10AM Marcia Montgomery and Char Knudson
Tai Chi Tuesday and Thursday 9AM Shirley Works
Bible Study Wednesday, 10:30AM Paula Reich
GARDENING 3rd Wednesday 2PM-3:30PM Elizabeth Heinz
MAJONG 1st and 3rd Monday 1PM-1:30PM Carol Bachmeyer
POOL Tuesday and Thursday 1PM-4PM

Ralph Martino

Open Pool Table Firday 6:30PM-8:30PM Bob Vicars